COVID-19 Protective mask


1) cotton weave as dense as possible. Hold a double layer over your mouth and you should still be able to breathe easily. The material ought to be washable at high (if possible 90°) temperature. You need a rectangle piece of 30x40cm.

2) a metal clip as they are used to close plastic bags (there are some in image 2)

3) two times 70cm cotton ribbon

Image 1

a) first sew the hems on the short sides of the rectangle

b) fold the material downwards and upwards toward the middle – the edges meet in the middle or you can let them overlap slightly

c) sew the side hems, then turn the piece inside out

Image 2

d) insert the metal clip between the layers, place it in the middle as shown in image and sew it in

e) Fold the mask toward the horizontal midline as shown in image (3cm, then2 cm)

f) sew the ribbons into place along the sides and over the folds, holding these in place. Leave equal lengths of ribbon to the top and bottom.


You can insert an additional tissue between the layers from the back if you want.

After taking the mask off, wash your hands thoroughly. Wash the mask after every use at high temperature or cook in water and then iron on hot setting.

Beware!! The mask is NOT a 100% safeguard against the virus. It can only reduce outward contagion (you spreading the virus through sneezing, coughing, breathing) and slightly reduce the inward contagion.

Stay well and take good care of yourself and others!